Vintage style for your living room

Vintage style for your living room

The vintage style has been popular since the 90s. This style includes accessories of previous generations, but the thing must not be younger than 30 years old. The main feature of the vintage style it`s originality of the object and the originality of the production. The item must clearly show the fashionable details of the time when it was created, and also be an expression of the fashion trends of its era. In recent years, vintage in the interior is gaining more popularity and we want to advise you on how best to combine style with the picture of the house.

5 ways to give your living room a Vintage style

In the modern world, there are many opportunities to equip an apartment, but the "vintage" style has the greatest scope for imagination. To make it easier for the customer to decide on each detail, we offer a 3d room planner, thanks to which you can see the complete design of the room online. For a vintage-style living room, follow these simple guidelines. 

Vintage accessories

If a person doesn't want to start renovating from scratch and remodel the entire living room, you can buy some vintage pieces that will highlight the owner's admiration for the nineties: vases, antique chests of drawers, mirrors or even sofas.

Special shades

For wallpaper or furniture in vintage style, bright shades that were inherent in that time are suitable. They should not be intrusive, but must correctly emphasize the space. If you are afraid to experiment with colors, then before buying an item, use Roomtodo for a 3d room planner.

Floor material

For a vintage style, a wooden floor with slight irregularities is suitable. This will emphasize the special atmosphere of the space and immerse you in the past. You can also use plain carpets throughout the space.


If you are the owner of a private house, the fireplace will take you to your favorite time. It was widely used many years ago and is now gaining popularity again.

Semi-antique furniture

Vintage furniture features warm colors and patterns. It can be a floral print with the addition of unique artist details, as well as scuffs all over the surface.

​​Where to see the 3D model of the room

Roomtodo has created an online 3d room planner, with the help of which each customer sees how an apartment or house will look after renovation and adding accessories.

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