Hollywood style in the interior: how to create an atmosphere of luxury

Hollywood style in the interior stands for fashion, glamor, luxury and shine. It’s known for charm, drama and sophisticated twists on old classics.

Color combinations with wood in the interior

Wood in the interior is a real find. It is in harmony with any color, and can also be combined with glass and metal.

How to properly plan a kitchen in a private house or apartment

The kitchen is the most visited place in the house. The arrangement of this room should be approached responsibly.

Flowers in the interior – 5 interesting ideas

Flowers always give the interior a certain zest, emphasizing its advantages. For the plants to fit into the room’s concept, it’s necessary to place them correctly.

A chebby-chic bathroom

Do you want to create a unique exquisite interior in your bathroom? You can choose a chebby-chic style then.

Kitchen design without hinged cabinets: advantages and disadvantages

To save space, it’s customary to install kitchen cabinets. Today it’s not necessary to follow this rule, because there are other ways to deal with space clutter.

Spring ideas for interior decor

The onset of the first warm days makes you think about creating an enthusiastic atmosphere in your home. To do this, you don’t need to make repairs, it’s enough to use original decorative elements.

How to personalize your home?

Buying your own home is only the first step towards creating a comfortable environment. You’ll have to make an effort and look for options that match your mood.

The hottest modern kitchen ideas

Kitchen is a special place in the house. We prepare favorite dishes, arrange family gatherings, and receive guests here. Its interior should be designed with practical, beauty and coziness in mind.

Ideas for a minimalist bathroom

Minimalism isn’t only a popular design style, it tops all fashionable lists of the interior nowadays. It’s also practical and cozy.
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