Marine style in the interior of the apartment - fascinating blue and turquoise accents

Marine style in the apartment’s interior is popular because it evokes pleasant associations with recreation.

Moroccan style in the interior

There are oriental and western customs in the Moroccan culture, and it is reflected in the design of rooms. Moroccan style offers an exotic, refined, and luxurious atmosphere.

Unique apartment design in oriental style

What is an oriental style? There are many countries in the East, and the design can be done in Indian, Chinese, and Japanese styles. Oriental style is a collective image of oriental crafts and traditions. For example, in one interior, it is possible to combine Indian fabrics and carved Moorish tables. You’ll get precisely the Oriental style, even if there is modern European furniture.

Mountain chalet style home design

Many people are tired of megacities, trying to get closer to nature, so now a particularly relevant direction in architecture is eco-style.

Union of warm and cool shades in the interior

Colors affect the endocrine and central nervous system. They change mood, influence metabolic processes. Modern psychology practices the influence of art therapy in the treatment of certain diseases.

What is the Bauhaus style in the interior

Bauhaus translates from German as "to build a house". The style fully emphasizes practicality, the desire for simple comfort, eliminating superfluous elements.

The simplicity and aristocratism of grunge style

Grunge is an English word that means "dirt", but in the interior it is meant as a slight carelessness. Due to the lack of convention and free interpretation, the style became popular and is still relevant in interior design 3d. The direction itself has its origins in France of the XIX century, when the aristocrats were resting from the bustle of the city in the hinterland among the landscapes in simply arranged estates.

The main mistakes in the interior design of the bedroom

At first glance, it seems easy to organize the space of the bedroom. But when it comes to the practical implementation of the ideas, there are mistakes that subsequently have a serious impact on the comfort of the owner of the apartment and on the image of the room.

Rustic interior style

Despite the simplicity of the rustic style, it has a special charm. The history of the origin of the trend can shed light on the features that are used today as distinctive characteristics. The lack of opportunity to equip houses away from the city gave the impetus for the development of unusual design.

Kawaii style in the interior

Among the variety of design styles, Kawai stands out in a special way. If you are not familiar with this design, you should pay attention to its main features. This cute and charming style came to us from Japan, so as the decorations are the characters from Japanese cartoons. Fans of this style note that it is possible to become closer to the culture of the eastern country in this way.
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