Brutal style in the interior – design with a masculine character

Bold interiors always excite. That's why many people today decorate rooms in a brutal style. However, some people get lost in the variety of options when trying to create a clean, understated and impressive interior. To make the process easier, it's worth using interior 3d design planner and listening to the advice of designers.

London style room design

Today there is a wide range of options for furnishing rooms, and London style deserves special attention.

Kitchen in the style of a Parisian cafe

It’s hard to find a single person who wasn’t impressed by Paris after visiting it. Its cafes and restaurants saturate the inexpressible atmosphere of lightness and happiness. To recreate a piece of such paradise in your home, use our tips, and your kitchen in the style of a Parisian cafe will attract with its original design and unique aura.

Japanese style bedroom interior

Bedroom is a place of relaxation and peace. And the Japanese bedroom conceals many secrets.

Art Nouveau Living Room

Art Nouveau style (wave style) is characterized by an incredible softness of lines that have a soothing effect on people. It emerged in Europe in the late XIX century, when society was tired of the deliberate luxury and grandeur of the rich apartment. Young artists, architects sought to change all usual canons, creating a new style, unlike any other direction.

Retro-futurism in interior design

Retro-futurism (steampunk) isn’t common in interior design. It’s a bold and original style, which is difficult to confuse with any other trend. It emerged at the height of urbanization and found its application in the modern interior design. The steampunk style combines Victorian trends and industrial decor.

French Style Bathroom

The bathroom is a place that should be pleasant and comfortable. The fans of French style manage to achieve this result. The apparent simplicity is deceptive, because with the proper approach it is possible to make your bathroom functional and elegant.

Japandi: a new style at the junction of east and north

The respect for nature motivates home owners to use modern style. Despite the fact that Scandinavia and Asia are separated by thousands of kilometers, there is something that unites them: a love for functionality and arrangement.

Tropical style in your home

The availability of a huge number of decorating styles will allow you to create a comfortable environment in your home. Designers are happy to share tips, but you can create your plan yourself. Use bright accent details and evaluate how they match your preferences.

Living room in classical style

Have you always dreamed of living in a beautiful, elegant place? Do you want to show your guests the fine taste, prosperity and wealth? Then, you should decorate your living room in the classical style! You will create a cozy, comfortable space that will make you happy every time you come home. Such an interior always has an aristocratic atmosphere, which inspires the spirit of noble mansions.
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