Using stucco in interior design

Using stucco in interior design

Decorative stucco is a unique finishing material. Its qualities make it an excellent choice for small children's rooms and large-scale restaurant halls. In terms of appearance, it perfectly fits into interiors of any style.


Stucco is able to replace the usual wallpaper and paint, to recreate the surface with the effect of concrete, silk, satin, fabric. The obvious advantage of the specified coating is that it is very easy to update. You only need to apply a little material to the area. When it dries, you will not find joints, seams on the surface, and you will see the appearance of a solid surface.

Another strong argument in favor of using it is its unpretentiousness. Due to this fact, designers often use it in the living rooms and other rooms of the house, office, public facilities.

Decorative stucco allows the master to form all kinds of interesting and striking textures on the wall or ceiling:

  • a panel of leather, silk;
  • volumetric artistic bas-relief;
  • a slice of wood;
  • stone or brick masonry.

This material can be found in white or other shades, it is sold as a dry mixture, you can buy the product, represented by a ready-made solution. The composition often contains various fillers, including mineral dust, marble chips, natural fibers. Decorative stucco can look differently on the surface - the final appearance is influenced by the fillers.

Specifics of choice

To choose a suitable option, a number of criteria should be taken into account. This is the area to be decorated, the features of the wall or ceiling, climatic conditions.

The application of finishing material for the living room:

  • It is allowed to combine it with wallpaper, panels based on wood, stone;
  • Walls, ceiling, having stucco elements can be plastered in a room where there are no fancy decorations, ornate drawings, intricate design elements;
  • To visually increase the area of a small living room, it is desirable to give preference to coverage of light shades with excellent light-reflectivity.

It is allowed to decorate the walls of the bedroom with this type of cladding. It is worth choosing darker shades if you want to create a cozy interior. This material is also suitable for the kitchen, bathroom. But it is recommended to buy acrylic-based putty for such rooms, so that it will last longer.

You can create interior design in 3D. To do this, it is worth using a special program, which will allow you to make a full set of room visualizations in a short time.

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