Interior in the style of the 19th century

Interior in the style of the 19th century

Today, it has become fashionable to turn to past motifs when decorating interior spaces. Designers are increasingly reproducing the interiors of past centuries. So, the interiors of the XIX century are trendy in the 21st century. However, unlike our ancestors, everything today is subject to the latest technology, and experts use home design software to create the most comfortable and harmonious space. It is better to recreate such interiors in large rooms with high ceilings and large windows, where there is a lot of air and light.

Decorations and filling the room are characteristic of such a design. Antique objects should be everywhere: clocks, figurines, vases, picture frames, and photos. Another feature is the strictness of forms and clarity of lines, whether it is a fireplace, window, or door. As for colors, it is recommended to choose rich, dark shades: emerald green, red, burgundy, blue, purple, bronze, and gold.

The long curtains, usually with a pattern, are also decorated with ribbons, tassels, sofas, and armchairs - bright cushions with drawings or stylized prints.

Furniture and lighting in the interior of the XIX century

The furniture items should be exclusive and designed in the era's style. Dining tables and chairs can be made of dark or redwood. The upholstery of chairs, large armchairs, and sofas can be of soft material in warm colors with patterns, but all of them should be combined. Shelves, dressers, and cupboards are also made of wood but should be similar in color, shape, and texture.

The wrought iron chandeliers are relevant in large spaces with high ceilings and can be placed in different parts of the room or make one central light source. Stylized candlesticks may be placed on a long dining table and fireplace. You can also use pendant lights in colors of silver and gold.

Recommendations for creating an interior of the XIX century

Here are a few more tips for creating an interior of the century before last:

  • choose wallpaper with a bright texture and original design;
  • parquet or wooden panels are suitable for the floor;
  • make doorways in the form of arches;
  • cover fireplaces with marble slabs;
  • add fringes and pendants to curtains made of heavy textiles;
  • refuse transparent glass in favor of stained glass.

The interior design of this era is characterized by exclusivity and a unique atmosphere of royal luxury. You can feel like a crowned person in it, which means that it is time to create a design project and equip your home with the best traditions of the last century before last.

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