Combining stucco and industrial elements

Combining stucco and industrial elements

The classic style is always in demand, although many have learned to combine several different interior designs. For example, high-tech, modern, or Scandinavian-style decor items fit perfectly here. Neoclassical style is becoming popular among designers around the world. We suggest using the room planner application on the computer to create your unique room style. No matter where you plan to renovate - in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Try to combine incompatible, for example, stucco with industrial elements at first glance. A design program will help you to see how it will look in three-dimensional form.

Style characteristics

Neoclassic is a combination of classic sophistication with modern functionality. It does not overload the environment with bulky things and complex decor. Compared to its historical predecessor, neoclassic is less demanding to the room's dimensions and the finishing materials used. Recreating the style will not take much money and time, and the result will please you with comfort, elegance, and coziness.

The interior of this style is characterized by a pastel, slightly muted palette of tones. There are no sharp contrasts: shades naturally flow into each other, creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere. To revitalize the space, use expressive but not too bright decor.

As a rule, the neoclassical style in the interior suggests the following color combinations:

  • light gray and white, diluted with delicate turquoise and muted pink;
  • light beige and sand with brown and peach accents;
  • white and beige with the addition of olive.

Sometimes, a radically different approach is taken to interior design, filling the palette with coffee-brown and dark-gray tones. Anyway, you will plan the future renovation using a unique program for creating interior design and can combine all the elements in 3D graphics.

Free program-planner

Using a free application for arranging furniture and designing a home repair accelerates the future process, makes it exciting, and reduces costs by at least half. The point is that the need for architects, designers, and visualizers disappears.

Then, you need to add windows and doors, as well as finishing materials, arrange furniture. You can change the size of decor items at any time or buy the paid PRO version of Roomtodo, where a more comprehensive range of features is available.

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