Trends and anti-trends of bedroom sets

Trends and anti-trends of bedroom sets

Modern people need a place for relaxation, calmness and safety.  A bedroom is such a comfort zone. It’s important to choose beautiful, functional furniture, able to help you to relax and feel at home. Fortunately, modern trends match this request. You can choose harmonious interior using free home design software online.

This year’s actual bedrooms

Impersonal light interiors are replaced by eclectic ones, with eye-catching details that can show the owner’s personality. You can mix styles, add your special flavor and individuality to design. 

Choosing a bedroom set from single series is a mistake. If you do want to purchase furniture from the set, just combine items of different colors and textures. It will be more interesting if you choose parts of the set made in same style but from different materials. 

Minimalism is still relevant but now you shouldn’t go to extremes and leave empty shelves and a mattress on the floor. The style transformed into more pleasant and suitable design for everyday life: laconic forms, wood as main material and natural fabrics for the bed upholstery. Natural colors are preferred: 

  • brown;
  • green;
  • sand;
  • grey. 

When choosing color of furniture, pay attention to muted natural shades.  

Ethno style is becoming popular. You shouldn’t use many ethnic elements, but oriental motifs, brass or copper fittings, bamboo décor will perfectly complement your bedroom, whatever the style. 

Furniture you should avoid

Some common solutions in bedroom design have finally lost their relevance. Identical smooth white surfaces, empty space abundance and almost complete absence of non-functional elements – these trends, loved by designers in recent years, have gone out of fashion. There are also such obvious anti-trends: 

  • fancy leather bed headboards;
  • bright, unnatural colors;
  •  massive wardrobes, dressers; 
  • children’s beds in the form of transport, carriages, animals. 

Everything voluminous, heavy, bulky gave way to warm and homely interior. Follow these tips and create the best interior where you will have sweet dreams.

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