The simplicity and aristocratism of grunge style

The simplicity and aristocratism of grunge style

Grunge is an English word that means "dirt", but in the interior it is meant as a slight carelessness. Due to the lack of convention and free interpretation, the style became popular and is still relevant in interior design 3d. The direction itself has its origins in France of the XIX century, when the aristocrats were resting from the bustle of the city in the hinterland among the landscapes in simply arranged estates.

Specifics of the style

The basis of the direction is a combination of conciseness with luxury and goodness, which distinguishes this style from classicism. Only some features are taken from the latter to give the house a cosy atmosphere.

Finishing with the following natural materials will help to maintain authenticity:

  • stone;
  • brick;
  • wood;
  • forging;
  • ceramics.

The main trick of grunge is the combination of modern items with antiques, old things or specially aged. The absence of rigid rules and arrangement at your own discretion is also appreciated. When decorating in the style of grunge, the aim is usually to give the interior practicality and casualness.

Grunge color palette

Grunge style involves the use of natural and organic color tones without the dominant role of dark shades. In this case, it is worth using warm pastel colors in brown, beige or gray palette. White can be used not only as a pure shade, but also in a diluted state.

To highlight specific details, you need to add black, dark brown or dark gray items to the design. Copper, brass shades, as well as rose gold and other metallic tones will also be appropriate.

How to choose furniture

Furniture for the grunge style is characterized by comfort and simplicity, as well as the absence of ornate decor. Simplicity should follow the classic rules and have smooth lines.

It is better to buy upholstered furniture of not too dark color. It should be distinguished by an elaborate form and covering, which will not get dirty, and this emphasizes the convenience and practicality.

There should not be a lot of massive cabinets in the interior. It is best to use lighter designs with unusual doors. Tables and chairs should also be of optimal size, as their lightness has to have a contrast with the rough finish of the walls of the room.

The choice of textiles

Natural textiles - wool, linen, cotton - look best in a room with a grunge finishing. Everything should be as simplified as possible and preferably without prints and patterns. There should also be a minimum of curtains, so as not to break the conciseness and to facilitate the free penetration of sunlight into the room.

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