5 ways to make your home more spacious

5 ways to make your home more spacious

Not everyone can boast of large spacious home. Low ceilings, small area of apartment can depress and spoil mood. Unnecessary furniture and things make home uncomfortable. The first thing to start with renovation planning is to decide what kind of living space you want to get. Among various options, hiring designer would be perfect solution. But not everyone can afford to invite specialists. Using simple programs, such as 3D room planner, you can plan design by yourself. You'll see what it'll finally look like. Tools of this service are easy, so it would be nice experience.

Making small home spacious is quite a challenge. It might be easier if you follow our advice. Here are 5 ways to make flat larger:

  1. When planning to visually increase apartment, take into account color of wallpaper and furniture. Neutral colors allow to extend the walls. It makes house look light and luminous. Beige, white, light gray are fundamental to many styles of interior design: minimalism, hi-tech, Scandinavian, neoclassicism. That doesn't mean that entire interior must be in white. Furniture and accents may be any other color. White matches every furniture texture and color, even bright and eye-catching.
  2. Using mirrors and lamps. Designers recommend buy ceiling and floor lamps, mirrors. They'll spread the light throughout the house, creating illusion of large space. Several vertical or one large horizontal mirror can «extend» the walls and «duplicate» the rooms, reflecting them. High wattage bulbs with warm natural light are miraculous. And the semi-transparent interior doors with frosted glass let the light fill the room. It makes apartment visually large and spacious.
  3.  Use all available space to organize things. Don't start complaining about how difficult is to have small home. First ask yourself is all space well-used. There can be a shelf under the stairs or a built-in wardrobe. Make maximum use of «vertical» space. Shelves, hooks, etageres are necessary in small flats.
  4. An infallible way to enlarge interior space is to hang cornice as close to the ceiling as possible. To achieve maximum effect use long flowing tulle.
  5. Keep your home in order. Don't buy unnecessary things. This is the golden rule for small apartments. Clean flat has more space for functional stuff.

We hope these tips will help you make home more comfortable, light and spacious.

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