The main mistakes in a small apartment

The main mistakes in a small apartment

Small apartments require careful planning. Using the available space as functionally as possible is important without cluttering the apartment. Making a small apartment comfortable and spacious is a challenging task. We will tell you about the main mistakes in the planning and how to avoid them.

Places for storing things

It is necessary to think about the location of closets, dressing room. Using a small kitchen layout planner, think through where to store:

  • dishes;
  • small appliances;
  • household chemicals.

Niches in the wall are an excellent solution for small rooms. They do not visually clutter the space but are roomy. All available space should be used to advantage. Instead of a bed on legs, prefer models with roomy drawers that store bed linen and towels.


Even in big apartments, many things create an impression of mess and clutter, but it is a real crime for small rooms. Maintaining order constantly and not cluttering the space with unnecessary things is important. You do not need a coffee table near the sofa or store old broken items just in case.

Use multifunctional transformer furniture. Instead of a small sofa and table, choose a normal roomy, comfortable corner with wooden shelves or stands instead of a small sofa and table. A transformer table for the kitchen is an ideal option when there is a lack of space.

Zoning is not always in favor

Numerous partitions, screens, and zoning by color are great design solutions, but not for compact apartments. It is better to keep the unity of color here. By the way, it is better to use light shades, which will visually expand the space and add light. A single color can be chosen for one room and the whole apartment. Minimalism in these rooms allows you to create a cozy, fashionable, and stylish design and not steal precious meters. 


Planning the repair of a small apartment or room, you need to pick up a few options. Do not be afraid to change and experiment. It is better to spend time before the start of work and change everything several times in the planner than to constantly beat your foot on the edge of the sofa or experience other inconveniences. Even thoughtlessly placed outlets can cause discomfort in the future. For example, they may make it impossible to rearrange or be located so far away that appliances do not have enough cord length.

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