Feng Shui Bedroom: 5 Tips

Feng Shui Bedroom: 5 Tips

Why is decorating your bedroom right important?

There is no doubt that our home has a huge impact on our personality as well as our mental health. In order to recover from a hard day and keep all the feelings nicely balanced, it is highly needed to create a little place of comfort in your bedroom. And the best free tool to practice your decorating abilities is for sure Roomtodo online home design software.

Of course, feng shui experts, the people who for thousands of years have been studying how the environment influences our well-being, have some tips to share with our readers. So, make yourself comfortable and get ready for a journey into the world where everything is set in place.

  1. Do not place your bed in one line with the door.

Feng shui specialists say that for creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom you need to avoid the case when your bed is aligned with the door – be it in the top or the bottom part. The main point is that you can see the door, but the best option would be to place your bed perpendicular to the door.

  1. Make sure the headboard of the bed is one piece.

Apparently, it is important for both you and your partner to keep your feelings and understanding strong. Avoid holes and carving, better switch your attention to wood and textile headboards. Not only will they take care of the harmony in your family, but also will serve you long!

  1. Do not put your TV out there.

If you are used to watching some series before getting to sleep, it is totally your choice. However, there are people who struggle with bad sleep and nightmares. Feng shui experts recommend not to leave your TV where you can see it from your bed. But nowadays we have too many options on how to hide the TV in the mobile furniture that there is no problem at all.

  1. Try including green plants into your interior.

This tip is applicable to the whole apartment and bedroom in particular. Plants have a wonderful ability to clear air wherever they are kept, but they also can bring comfort to a room. If you do not like taking care of plants – you can just pick simple ones. The only thing you have to pay attention to – is that their leaves have rather roundish form than the sharp one.

  1. Keep it nice and light.

Feng shui says that the more light is in a room the better. So, it is better to let sunshine get into your bedroom. Do not hang too dark and thick curtains and plan the lightning in a way which will cover the whole space.

You can believe in feng shui or not, but either way we hope our tips will inspire you to experiment and create your best bedroom!

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