Fashionable bathroom wall decor ideas

Fashionable bathroom wall decor ideas

Forget about boring pastel walls in the whole apartment, 2021 is the year to experiment and broaden your horizons. Even in the bathroom – you can always add a little decoration element which will change the look immediately. How to make a bathroom stand out but still remain on the healthy side – we will tell you right now. And you already remember about our bathroom layouts planner, that helps you practice all the tips, right?

  1. Add some pattern

Even with the neutral colors it is possible to play and experiment. Add pattern when you choose the coverage material for the walls – and you are already a winner. Choose geometric or floral motives, they usually look good in bathrooms. It is not necessary that you use it on all the walls – one can be enough. Not only can it help to accentuate your decorator’s taste, but also to extend the space if needed. So, note this hack and use it wisely!

  1. Plant story

Pick a corner or a wall and grow real plants there. Some of them love humidity, so it will not be a problem. And with an interesting hanger or decorative shelf your plants can look unexpectedly stylish. The only thing you need to remember – living plants require looking after, so if you are not into it so much, just go with artificial ones.  We won’t tell anyone, promise.

  1. True artist

What is the difference between art and a simple thing created by humans? One can look at a piece of art for a long time and see new details. Moreover, different people can understand the message each in their own way. Why not make your guests guess? Just hang a couple of paintings and create a “gallery wall”, which no one will miss.

  1. Print it

If you get tired of the same design quickly, we found a solution for you. Printed pictures can be changed rather often, they are cheap and very in style right now. These décor elements can contain some motivational quotations or beautiful locations, portraits of our loved ones or abstraction. Anyway, this is another way to keep things interesting. And the best thing is – you can pick any frame and change pictures as often as you like.

  1. Best reflection

Of course, mirrors will always be the best option. Because they have both practical and aesthetic qualities. And we are not even mentioning that it suits small spaces, you probably already know yourself. Just look at these shapes and sizes…Just hang a fancy mirror in your bathroom, add some hanging illuminators – and the wall will not be boring ever again!

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