English-style living room with a fireplace

English-style living room with a fireplace

Many house owners choose the English style to decorate their living rooms. It is necessary to study the rules that the creators of this style adhered to in order for the room to turn into a cozy place. The living room will become an ideal place for relaxation, tea drinking and warm family evenings.

The main features of this style are conservatism and moderation. If you want to create the perfect interior, you can use the 3D living room planner. Thanks to this service, it is easy to imagine what an ideal English-style living room will look like.

Key Design Aspects

The British have always adhered to practicality in the design of their houses. Therefore, their interiors look quite ascetic. But living rooms are not without a touch of chic. The main design principle is comfort without unnecessary details. If you want to create an exquisite living room in the English style, follow the following rules:

  • for the decoration of walls and furniture, use only natural materials of natural colours;
  • furniture should be solid and comfortable;
  • for decorations, choose elements made of wood or metal;
  • ceiling decoration include decorative stucco molding (alternative — whitewashing), suspended ceilings will not work;
  • chandelier should be chic and sophisticated;
  • for curtains and other textile elements, choose natural fabrics (tapestry, linen, velvet, or silk).

The interior will look modest and very cozy. Chic furniture, lighting fixtures will look harmonious, while natural wood will give a special charm. Don’t forget that one extra detail can destroy the English style interior, so you need to carefully consider each new purchase.

Fireplace: the main element of the interior

It’s difficult to imagine an English-style interior without a fireplace. Thanks to it, the living room becomes much more comfortable and warmer. Soft chairs are placed near the fireplace so that you can relax after a hard day watching the fire. It is usually built of natural stone and must fully match the colour of other details in the room. The fire place should be against the wall, so that it can be clearly seen from any corner of the room. The fireplace top is used to place decorative items, sculptures, or family photos. You will notice that your living room has changed if you choose the English style of interior decoration.

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