Bathroom in oriental style

Bathroom in oriental style

Oriental style is all about symbolism and senses hidden behind each tiny detail. So, it is initial that every part is placed correctly and matches the whole spirit. The most common impression the guests receive when visiting oriental bathroom is interest to find out the secrets and meanings that were put into the room by its creators. By the way, make sure to visit our virtual bathroom planner and challenge yourself as a designer!

Though there are numerous eastern countries with their own cultures and features, you may notice some common tendencies in their bathroom design:

  • bathroom is usually a big space with high ceilings;
  • arches and natural decoration materials are a must;
  • massive bath is usually placed on a podium;
  • tricky ornaments and patterns without a clear plot;
  • natural colors of the countries with Eastern hot climate.

These are the essentials of every oriental style. But some eastern countries have their own peculiarities which depict on the decor. For example, Japan, Morocco, India, China, Egypt and others can be recognized through their significant details.

Egyptian style bathroom


This direction is based on minimalism in everything. It can be suitable for both spacy and little rooms. Chinese usually decorate their apartments with feng-shui in mind, so it is not so much about the details as about space functionality. Also, bright shades, and especially red, are very popular for this style. It can go alone or in combination with:

  • blue;
  • green;
  • yellow;
  • white;
  • black;
  • gold and others.

Chinese style needs much light, so wide windows are the way to go. As for the materials, use ceramics, glass and wood. The designers say that empty corners in the room are bad taste, so they tend to cover them with furniture.


Bathroom in Egyptian style is a great solution for those who want to highlight their status and royal taste. Yellow and golden colors are the best ones to remind Egypt, a sunny sandy eastern country. Bathroom interiors can be decorated with arches, fake columns, niches, unusual borders and plinths. Animal-like details, pictures and mosaics will look very stylish.

To do or not to do?

The only difficulty on your way to oriental bathroom can be making the details match perfectly. As the style is about combining interesting details, it is highly important to try them all together before even buying. The best way to do that would be going to Roomtodo planner and see if it fits. Other than that, oriental-styled bathroom is a great idea for a modern apartment with unique atmosphere.

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