Arabic bedroom - original concepts for a trendy and stylish interior

Arabic bedroom - original concepts for a trendy and stylish interior

The oriental decor of the bedroom successfully combines all richness of styles of Arabic countries. It’s inspired by the culture of Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, UAE.  Peculiar architecture and exotic design of the Arabic style mix tradition and flight of Imagination. 

Typical color solutions

All shades of red are preferred in this style: terracotta, burgundy, purple, pink, magenta. Typically oriental colors are relevant: golden, brown, red, apricot, various shades of yellow. They create interesting combinations with cool colors: green, blue. 


  • Traditionally, blue ceilings in the Arabic bedroom are made in form of night firmament with stars or zodiac signs. 
  • Patterned wooden planks along the perimeter of tiered ceiling create effect of wealth and luxury. 
  • The floor should be tiled, so you should choose laminate with matching pattern.
  • Space between doors should be  made in form or arches. 
  • Walls should look rich. You can cover them with paint, decorative plaster or drape with fabrics. Wallpaper with silk screen printing or paisley ornaments are popular. 
  • Bed should be massive, with a canopy. Forged or wooden décor will enrich the construction. 
  • Tables with arabesques and inlays are appropriate in Arabic style. 
  • Chests can be used instead of bedside tables. 
  •  Wardrobe decorated with forging, carving or painting will be excellent style solution. 


Oriental interior is rich in different types in lighting. This includes huge chandeliers, lamp shades, wall sconces and candles. Their design is complex, but they always emit a mysterious glow, shading gold on the drapery of wallpapers and fabrics. 

Textiles and decor

Fabrics in Arabic design play important role. Silk with a noble shine, fringe and tassels add more mystery and intimacy to the bedroom interior. 

Pillows, blankets of different colors and shapes are must-have in oriental bedroom. 

Lamps with colored glass are usually cylindrical or polygonal.

Having chosen Arabic style for bedroom, think over every detail. Despite the fact that it is laconic enough, without heaps of furniture, it is décor and architecture that play major role. 

You can apply it to your bedroom in a virtual room planner to understand how to place main elements of decor and furniture. 

Arabic style in the interior will create special atmosphere. Your home won’t look like designs of any of your friends. This style will make you home different from other more common styles.

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