Wood cladding in the interior of a private house or apartment

Wood cladding in the interior of a private house or apartment

When usual plaster and wallpaper get boring, try using wood in the interior. This way of decorating the walls will help create original and cozy atmosphere. Besides, wood never goes out of style and gives any room a special style and warmth. Natural material can be used in several ways: on walls, floors, ceilings. Beauty and versatility of wood makes it an incomparable building material.

Wood decoration is an expensive pleasure that not everyone can afford. There are cheaper options that look original and exquisite.

  1. Lining looks spectacular after painting in a beautiful color or lacquer covering, especially if the board width is large. In the Scandinavian interior people often use a white-painted lining. Styles suitable for such decoration are rustic, eco, Scandinavian.
  2. Board. Great potential of the board allows to experiment with shape, color, laying method. Styles suitable are chalet, provence, minimalism and eco.
  3. PVC wall cladding is an original and bright material, which is convenient and easy to work with. You can choose from tile look panels, timber look panels, sleek panels etc.
  4. Veneered panels will look good in modern classic, art deco, American and English styles.
  5. Carved solid wood panels are applicable for finishing private houses in classic, English styles. Cabinets and luxurious halls made from dark oak can be met in large country houses.

The choice of material is up to you. Compare price segment, terms of use and care to choose the best option.

Options for laying wood panels in the interior

Vertical lines will give your home modern look and generate the illusion of height. Horizontal ones also look great especially in the kitchen or living-room. They give the feeling of warmth, comfort and simple chic.

You can lay one wall with timber cladding panels to make it an original accent in the apartment. Layering the walls with wood panels will give a new look to your house or apartment. With 3d design interior you can experiment with the textures and stacking options to choose the most suitable one.

You won’t regret the decision to make wood cladding in your house as it has many advantages. They are:

  • safety. The material is non-allergic and improves resistance of your house structure; 
  • aesthetic and luxurious look;
  • low maintenance. It doesn’t need frequent maintenance. It’s enough to clean the dust regularly.

Variety of materials allows you to choose the best cladding option for your home interior.

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