What is the Bauhaus style in the interior

What is the Bauhaus style in the interior

Bauhaus translates from German as "to build a house". The style fully emphasizes practicality, the desire for simple comfort, eliminating superfluous elements. Take a look at the recommendations of free design home software to learn more.

This trend appeared in Germany in the early twentieth century, thanks to the promising architect Walter Gropius, and immediately became popular among the population with average income. Later, the style gained recognition in other countries.

Its characteristic features are the following:

  • affordability;
  • simplicity;
  • the use of quality materials;
  • technology;
  • aesthetics;
  • absence of decor;
  • ergonomics.

Built-in furniture, simple shapes, and a minimum of things are distinctive features of the style.

What materials are used

Bauhaus is immediately noticeable in the interior: straight lines, strict geometric shapes, presence of metal, absence of non-functional elements. Light high ceilings, decorative plaster on the walls, laminate, parquet, linoleum on the floor. Artificial materials look impressive with leather, wood, stone and glass.

Sofas and chairs are covered with coarse fabric, leather with metal inserts, missing armrests. Built-in closets are made in strict design.

The decor in the Bauhaus interior also performs certain functions.


Bauhaus expects abundant light that expands the space. Even a small room made in this style will look cozy and spacious.


The color scheme in Bauhaus is represented by a combination of warm and cold shades. The stone harmonizes with the wood, metal or glass - with coarse textiles and leather. In most cases, only natural colors are used: white, sand, milk, coffee with milk and black. In rare cases, the minimal presence of green, red, yellow and blue is allowed.

Furniture elements

The furniture in the interior of Bauhaus is characterized by simplicity and functionality. The style gave rise to the invention of modular products: built-in closets, folding chairs, modular sofas, tables, transforming shape. 

Chairs and armchairs are made without armrests and other visually weighting elements.


Bauhaus introduced changes in decoration. This trend encourages you to see beauty in simple lines, metal frames and geometric shapes. If you are a fan of elegant simplicity - this is definitely your style.

Cozy, comfortable, free of unnecessary things home is what the Bauhaus style offers.

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