Unique apartment design in oriental style

Unique apartment design in oriental style

What is an oriental style? There are many countries in the East, and the design can be done in Indian, Chinese, and Japanese styles. Oriental style is a collective image of oriental crafts and traditions. For example, in one interior, it is possible to combine Indian fabrics and carved Moorish tables. You’ll get precisely the Oriental style, even if there is modern European furniture.

Features of the oriental style

Oriental design is characterized by bright, saturated colors and an abundance of small details and accessories that give the interior a unique flavor. There are general “laws of design” for it:

  1. The setting is the embodiment of harmony and extraordinary relaxation.
  2. Expensive fabrics play a significant role in the interior. Walls, curtains, cushions, upholstery – everything must be in harmony.
  3. Door openings and window frames are shaped like arches.
  4. An abundance of accessories: fruit dishes, water jugs, tea sets, hookahs, and expensive books in beautiful bindings.

There are ornaments everywhere in the design of walls and all surfaces. They can be floral, plant motifs, or geometric shapes. Everyone is amazed at their elegance and perfection.

The interior in the oriental style to a person not initiated may seem chaotic. However, zoning and unusual planning are what is striking.

How to decorate an apartment in an oriental style

The apartment should be large enough to start with planning and zoning. For example, distinguish between a sitting area and an eating area.

For the relaxation zone, the centerpiece of the oriental style is a sofa with a considerable number of soft cushions. In front of the couch, it is customary to place a hookah table. In addition, there is a low table in the dining area and soft poufs around.

It is obligatory to have a large rug on the floor; it is not customary to leave the floor “bare” in the East. After all, they love to sit on the floor there. A great idea would be to add wrought iron lamps and any vessels made of bronze or copper to the interior.

If you have a small apartment, you can decorate every room in the oriental style without zoning. The living room will look like the one described above. And to plan the kitchen, you can use the kitchen layouts planner. In the program, you can look at the combination of colors because the oriental style is an explosion of colors. Before you use it in practice, it is better to look at the screen.

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