Union of warm and cool shades in the interior

Union of warm and cool shades in the interior

Colors affect the endocrine and central nervous system. They change mood, influence metabolic processes. Modern psychology practices the influence of art therapy in the treatment of certain diseases.

An important point is the choice of color scheme in the arrangement of the house. In this case, useful recommendations from the bathroom remodel planner tool will help you.

Choosing a color palette for the interior, first of all, take into account the purpose of the room and your own preferences. For the bedroom and living room, you should choose calm shades that promote relaxation. In the kitchen, it is better to choose colors that speed up the metabolic processes.

Warm and cold colors 

In total, there are three primary color spectrums: red, yellow and blue.  When mixed, each of them gives a variety of chromatic shades:

  • activity (muted, bright
  • temperature (warm, cold
  • intensity (saturated, dilute).

Red and yellow are considered warm tones. Blue is a cold tone.  If the base color is dominated by red or yellow halftone, it is considered warm, if blue - it is cold.

The role of warm colors in the interior

Warm shades bring coziness and harmony into the interior, contribute to improving the mood. They can visually warm up the room, located on the northern, eastern side, add warmth and light.

The influence of cold color

Cold shades are used in the bedroom. They help to relax, prepare for sleep. If the windows of the room are located on the west side, a cold range will be able to muffle the bright sunlight.

Combination of colors 

To create harmony and comfort in the house or apartment, it is necessary to combine warm and cold shades. Initially, you should decide on the dominant (warm or cold) shades. Then, the opposite shades are added.

Ways of combining tones:

  • muting;
  • balancing;
  • amplification.

A cold shade visually expands the space, a warm shade can reduce the size of the room, as it is perceived closer. The ceiling painted with a cold tone looks higher.


Combining cold and warm colors in one room, you can create a unique room design, achieve interesting effects. If you are a follower of only one temperature palette, you should still at least slightly dilute the interior with opposite shades. Without the use of contrasts, the room will look visually dull, stuffy. Such transitions will bring a depth of color and multiple facets to the room.

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