Techno style in the interior: design for intellectuals and lovers of minimalism

Techno style in the interior: design for intellectuals and lovers of minimalism

The style of techno in the interior appeared at the end of the XX century along with new technologies. Young intellectuals and fans of a minimal number of things prefer it. Those who like home comfort and numerous knick-knacks on the shelves will feel uncomfortable in such a room. To see examples of interiors in techno-style, it is worth going to home design software. There are many ideas for inspiration and practical solutions for remodeling your own home.

Typical features of techno

The features of interior design in this minimalist style include: 

  • the predominance of clear lines and simple geometric shapes;
  • restrained, laconic color scheme;
  • rough, textured wall finish;
  • a harmonious combination of concrete, glass and metal;
  • open communications;
  • strict and practical furniture;
  • blinds, vertical, horizontal, roller blinds on the windows;
  • modern, functional appliances, which usually act as decor;
  • futuristic and abundant lighting devices;
  • the principle of minimalism in the decoration of space.

Internal partitions are replaced by metal grilles, or separate zones with shelving and communication nodes. The bedroom could be placed under the ceiling and the office under the stairs or above the living room. Metal spiral staircases often serve only as decoration.

Color and light in the "techno" interior

The main colors of this style are traditionally cold or neutral: white, dirty white or gray, khaki, dark maroon, metallic. Some of the warm colors used are stained oak, brick, brown, marsh, and bronze. Blue, anthracite and blood red are also popular. It is possible to harmoniously combine bright colors with different textures and materials. For example, with glass, aluminum and steel.

Techno-style is distinguished by a well-thought-out approach to lighting. There are two rules: there must be a lot of light. The light sources should be different. 

The original solution would be the use of multiple lamps of different shapes and sizes. You can take models that mimic professional lights, mounted on plastic and metal tripods. Spotlights and telescopic structures look interesting. When selecting a chandelier and ceiling fixtures, it is better to choose modern models with open lamps. The light should pour from everywhere: from the ceiling, from the walls, from the floor, from different corners of the room.

The main decoration materials

When finishing spaces in the style of techno, it is used concrete, natural or artificial brickwork, textured plaster, metal or plastic panels. The ceiling can be stretched, made of aluminum, plastic or glass, with an imitation of untreated concrete. Lighting is often immediately inserted into it. The floor is poured, with monochrome tiles or parquet with a techno design. There are glass and mirrors, metal and open communications on the walls or as partitions.

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