Beach-inspired summer motives to revamp your living room

Beach-inspired summer motives to revamp your living room

Kind sun, flowers’ blossom and warm sea… We wish that the summer never ended. If you do too, then our next selection is exactly what might help prolong this feeling throughout the whole year. Remember, that all the ideas are better visible if you implement them in the living room 3D planner first. So, prepare to take notes and catch inspiration.

If you have ever stayed in a local house instead of a hotel when going to the beach, you must have probably noticed that they have a certain vibe to them that is different from ours. These homes have special décor due to the needs of people living near water. Also, we can usually see some sea-related décor items, like seashells and wood; all of this can find its reflection in your renovation.

1)  Use blue shades.

This is the basic and most natural advice. Because what can remind of the sea more than its blue to purple shades? Living near the water you get these shades by looking at the window, so if we want to create a sea-inspired look, the best is to complement it with the blues. And for creating a beautiful contrast add some whites or golds.

2)  Apply natural materials.

Living near the sea means seeing the best natural views. So, for displaying it in the interior the best thing is to use natural textures. Including some baskets or rugs, wooden elements and porcelain is a great way to transfer the mood we are going for. Also, some plants can definitely bring more life into the design.

3)  Include sea decor.

Which things do you remember when we speak about the beach? Probably floats, surfing boards, rope and seashells will be in the list. These are your things to hang on the walls and put onto the table in the living room. Or, if you like paintings, hang a couple with the sea or sea animals. This trick is one of the most important ones when it comes to this style.

When you decide to decorate your home with beachy motives, the most important thing is to know your limits and not to put too much into one room. This problem can be prevented by either going to a professional designer and spending money on a good renovation, or by visiting the planner by Roomtodo, where you can put your home together using just one app. We would recommend you to try the application anyways, at least to look how this style goes with your apartment.
Because if it does not, it is better to find it out before you are out of money, and if it does, you will just make sure that the decision is correct.

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