Scandinavian style trends

Scandinavian style trends

Thanks to modern retailers, e.g. Ikea, Scandinavian style's so popular that it has become mainstream. What is it? Why did it become one of the go-to design styles in modern world?

Style isn't innovative. It emerged in the 1950s as part of modern stream in Nordic design. Priority of function and affordability over high cost luxury is main idea. Natural colors and materials, simple functional furniture was response to region's long cold winters. Bright, practical designs became popular at once. Nowadays it's favorite among minimalism lovers. It's also one of the best interior styles for children's rooms. 

Design magazines tend to show Scandinavian style as very expensive one with whitewashed walls, natural wood floors and light rooms. But it isn't so. 

If you decided to renovate your home in Scandinavian style, we offer to consider the latest trends:

  • Philosophy “lagom” – direction that came instead of “hygge”, concentrated on Swedish ethics of temperance: discreet appearance, minimalism, high functionality. That's not a lot and not a little, just right. Lagom is life philosophy, ideal for low key people.
  •  Anti hi-tech space. Even in modern urban apartment there should be space free of devices. There shouldn't be TV sets, computers and smart phones. Only rest is important. Such place should be bedroom. Gray, warm colors, soft fabrics, natural wood help create the tranquil atmosphere.   
  • Storage system as decor. Scandinavians can turn ordinary cloth hanger into real art object that transforms any room. They hang favorite clothes on rail, or decorate it with flowers, books and feathers.
  • Country house culture. Finland played great role in Scandinavian style formation. One of the happiest nations, the Finns, has a lot to learn from. Love to nature, warm colors and materials are main ideas in design. Paper lanterns and feathers are real trend.
  • Leather furniture becomes more popular among young people in Scandinavian nations. Wooden chairs with leather seat and back are on the peak of demand.
  • Sky blue is the most popular color to set up accents. Especially harmonious it looks on white background. Gray is also in demand. The era of monochrome is officially over.
  • Setting up tent in child's room is a Scandinavian trend that conquered the world. You can arrange wigwam in the center of the room and even sleep there. 
  • Wooden rails on walls and ceiling create feeling of being in spa hotel. The idea to decorate bedroom with wood is great! It allows creating unusual effect in interior and adjusting size of the room.

It you've decided to renovate your home, use free home design software online. 3d planner is a great way to try your abilities in home design and realize your plans.

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