Rustic interior style

Rustic interior style

Despite the simplicity of the rustic style, it has a special charm. The history of the origin of the trend can shed light on the features that are used today as distinctive characteristics. The lack of opportunity to equip houses away from the city gave the impetus for the development of unusual design.

What is remarkable about the rustic style

Fans of the rustic style have one goal - to create the most comfortable space with the help of natural decorating elements. Rugs on wooden floors, artificial or natural fur, and patchwork blankets are used as decorations.

The choice of color palette impresses by its variety, but it is necessary to be guided by the environment. If your house is located near a forest, green and brown colors are preferable. This allows you to give the interior the necessary depth, without creating a contrast to the overall background.

Decorating elements should be chosen based on the fabrication material. The preference is given to natural wood and stone. Beautiful chandeliers and plastic decor do not correspond to the mood of the direction, so it is better to abandon them. Coziness is created by the presence of fireplaces or wood-burning stoves.

Despite a lot of restrictions, designers combine a rustic style with a modern one. In this case, it is not necessary to make many changes, because the color palette and restrained design correspond to each other. The main condition for the combination is the ability to find a match between these directions.

How to create a rustic style at home

You can save time and money by using a modern tool - free floor plan software. The planner will allow you to recreate the house in the virtual world and make the necessary changes. You do not need to have experience or skills with similar programs to use the tool.

The planner is provided for selecting a design based on the specifics of the chosen style, and it provides the following things for this purpose:

  • various furniture models;
  • a wide color palette;
  • a range of decorating elements.

The first step to create a project is to reproduce the furnishings of the house. Users specify not only the size of the room, but also the layout of the rooms. In this way, it is possible to prepare for the upcoming repair, taking into account the peculiarities of the house.

After specifying the parameters, you can proceed to the final step - the choice of decor, furniture and other design elements to your liking. You can make changes at any stage of the project, and save the result for further discussion with the designer.

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