Rules for choosing designer bathroom furniture

Rules for choosing designer bathroom furniture

Bathroom design is a real art. It’s important to think through all details to put everything in it. Initially, you need to measure parameters of the room. Bathrooms are usually small, so you need to place the interior items carefully. Rational use of available space is important. 

Features of placing objects

Every situation is unique. Therefore we recommend using bathroom planner to place all the items correctly. However, there are some professional recommendations. For example: 

  1. Leave free space in front of sink and toilet. Approximately 70 cm in front and 20-30 cm on the sides. It will provide space for movement. 
  2.  Don’t place cabinets too high. Install them at chest level, so you don’t have to reach for such objects. 
  3. Choose ready-made kits. They look more stylish. 

Remember to take accurate measurements. This is a key guarantee that you can fit everything.  

Main secrets of buying furniture

Usually bathrooms are compact. If you have many care products that need to be placed, lockers will be required. Hanging models are the best choice. They will make your room lighter, freer. Main thing is to buy lockers where you can place everything you need. It’s worth buyinghanging pencil cases, washbasin cabinets, and towel racks. 

Other recommendations include: 

  1. To visually increase the room, use hanging furniture, don’t cover the floor. 
  2. Buy interior items made in light and bright shades. 
  3. Remember about children. If you have kids, choose models with rounded facades.
  4. Pay attention to item materials. Bathrooms are usually wet and such an environment negatively affects wooden furniture. Clarify with sellers the manufacture material of the items. 
  5. Don’t place products close to the wall. There should be a small clearance of 3-5 cm. This will reduce the likelihood of mold formation. 

Every detail needs being taken into account. Pay attention to the material, manufacture of hardware. It’s desirable that it doesn’t rust, because the likelihood is especially high in bathroom.  

Remember these recommendations to make your bathroom not only stylish, but also practical.

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