Retro-futurism in interior design

Retro-futurism in interior design

Retro-futurism (steampunk) isn’t common in interior design. It’s a bold and original style, which is difficult to confuse with any other trend. It emerged at the height of urbanization and found its application in the modern interior design. The steampunk style combines Victorian trends and industrial decor. Their main features are:

  • natural materials in the finish and decor;
  • fixtures typical of the Victorian era (for example, gas lamps
  • leather furniture;
  • industrial decor (compasses, antique clocks, gramophones, typewriters, maps
  • the interior is dominated by dark shades (brown, brick, terracotta, dark brown, black, gray
  • a small amount of light colored accents refreshes the room.

Such features distinguish the style from others, making it unusual and interesting.

Choosing finishing materials and furniture

When choosing wall and floor finishing in retro-futurism, you should give preference to concrete, wood, brick. If you aren’t ready for such experiments, try design software for homes to see the final result. The situation can be solved by stylized wallpaper under the brickwork of geographical maps.

Monochrome flooring can be provided by using parquet or porcelain gray. Note that dark walls and floors can create a dull appearance of the room, so lighting is important. It can be done on the ceiling or other areas to make your home cozier. The light should be a warm, yellow light. Edison lamps and fixtures with a light intensity regulator are popular.

As for furniture, soft leather armchairs and sofas will be ideal. Vintage tables, chairs, metal racks will also complement the interior.

Decor in a retro futuristic style

The leading role in the steampunk design is given to decor. These can be vintage maps, telescopes, barometers, globes. Atmospheric objects will create a unique interior with an emphasis on a fantastic theme.

Steampunk includes adventure and travel themes. Figurines of submarines, ships, airships will be a great solution for the room.

The children's room can become the embodiment of Jules Verne's novels. Here the child will spend all his time studying wall maps, captain’s logs, old travel notes.

The bathroom in a retro futuristic apartment is also an object of admiration. Copper and brass faucets, metal pipes, walls with imitation of old concrete will definitely surprise your guests.

As for the kitchen – a roughly shaped garniture and antique furniture will keep the spirit of adventurism of the whole apartment.

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