Purple color in the interior - useful tips

Purple color in the interior - useful tips

The purple color in the interior looks interesting, despite its complexity and depth. It’s popular in modern interior design. A mixture of cold blue and bright red leads to original result: harmony and peace. Purple color positively influences a person, gives spiritual strength, inspiration, stimulates for meditation. Psychologists say, creative people (poets, artists, scientists) are more disposed towards purple color, but it won’t suit pragmatic individuals.   

If you want to see purple at home design, first decide which of its shades suits you best. Violet, lavender, amethyst, iris, figs, prunes can be taken for bedroom, living room and even a kitchen. 

Since purple is quite complex, it doesn’t require many additional accents. The most suitable backgrounds can be gray and white. For the bedroom, deep purple would be ideal as it envelops in mystery, encourages philosophical reflection.  

In the living room it’s better to use lighter shades – wisteria, iris, lilac. Rich royal color of wallpapers, it doesn’t require additional luxurious furniture, it itself makes room exquisite.  But if you still like contrast, you can mix purple with such colors: 

  • yellow will complement purple, giving you a good mood for the whole day;
  • azure will give a feeling of ease and tranquility;
  •  olive, ocher will build an excellent combination with purple, slightly landing it, bringing it closer to nature. 

It’s better not to mix purple with bright warm colors, such as red, orange, green, blue. As for the golden – it’s necessary being careful and not overdo, otherwise royal interior may become too pretentious and even vulgar.

Some people consider purple being too intrusive and having applied it in the interior, you can quickly get tired of it. If you belong to those people, but still want to use some purple shades, give preference to purchasing décor items. Panels, pillows, carpets, artificial flowers, lamps can be an excellent accent, attracting attention against the background of calm furniture and walls.  

You can also use purple in the kitchen design. Light lavender shade will give your kitchen a touch of provence. As for the children’s room, calm colors are best suited here. They will have some sedative effect on a child’s nervous system. 

It’s worth noting, that purple can look heavy in a small room. It visually narrows the space and absorbs light, so you need thinking carefully about the lighting system in the room. 

If you are planning a renovation but aren’t sure whether purple will suit interior, you can use a  3d living room design planner. It’s simple to install. With its help, you can plan color of your walls, furniture and understand how good purple looks  in you design.

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