How to protect your bathroom from mold

How to protect your bathroom from mold

Mold is a regular guest in bathrooms, especially where hosts do not pay much attention battling it. To be honest, it does not look good at all. Moreover, it can bring huge damage to the room. So, in order to keep the bathroom off molding, consider our 5 simple tricks. And when you do, please visit bathroom planner by roomtodo and try decorating your mold-free bathroom the easiest possible way!

Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid moisture in a bathroom, because this is where all of it should be. However, there are ways to reduce the amount of moisture, which will help either slowing down the molding or defending it altogether. All you need to do is regular cleaning of risky areas and following our recommendations.

  1. Buy a strong fan.

Ventilation of the air helps reduce the moisture level and clears the air. It is not only good for the walls and ceilings, but for your health as well. A powerful fan can make a huge difference if used properly. Remember to pay attention to the capacity of the fan (how many square meters it can ventilate), and you have a powerful weapon against mold.

  1. Get a squeegee.

When you see any water left on the glass, mirrors or tile it is highly important that you clean it right away. Because this part is what fan can not do. Yes, the task is a little bit annoying and even boring, but the sooner you start doing it – the sooner you will see the first results. Imagine, it can reduce moisture level for up to 75 percent!

  1. Fix leaks.

It is not hard to guess that the leaks also tend to increase moisture. So, whenever you notice that your bathroom has any (even the tiniest) leak, you should plan to fix it as soon as possible. Because every hour it is there it causes damage to your room. Remember, that preventing mold is much easier than getting rid of it when it has developed.

  1. Wash towels and rugs.

Remember how when you leave your bathroom you put a moist towel on the hanger? Well, let’s not do that anymore. Or to be more concrete, just wash them on the regular basis. The same thing is also valid for the rugs on the floor. They catch water drops from our feet when we get out of the shower and keep them inside for a long time. No good, people.

  1. Clean shampoos and shower gels.

This one is not obvious, but still has to be done. After a shower or a bath water tends to settle on the bottles of our body care products. So, keep in mind that you will need to wipe them off nice and dry.

With that being said, remember our tips and the mold has no chances!

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