Mustard color in the interior

Mustard color in the interior

A few bright details can breathe new life into a familiar interior. However, sometimes a pillow or a floor lamp isn’t enough to change accents, refresh or give design a new tone. In this case, it’s worth making cardinal decision and rethinking the room style. New color scheme can help with this. 

Modern styles make the house brighter, cozier and corresponding to inner feelings. Psychologists say that all shades of yellow positively affect productivity, contribute to the generation of new ideas and fill the space with joyful atmosphere. Therefore, mustard color is so relevant in today’s design. It will successfully suit every house style:

  • it’ll give the room special charm in classic style; 
  • will be a highlight in loft; 
  • will dilute the measured Scandinavian style. 

This color will look nice in any modern design. 

How to correctly fit mustard color into a new design? 

New interior project requires a careful approach. It’s impossible to imagine result without sketches. If you decide to update your room or remodel the whole house, 3d interior design will be a good solution. You can successfully fit mustard color into new design with its help. A smart approach involves three areas: 

  1. Finishing. Making one of the walls in mustard color is a good solution for living room, bedroom, dining-room, nursery and even bathroom. If you decide to use this bright accent for wall decoration, remember that rest of shades should be as calm as possible. The only contrast may be textiles or small details (using the principle of contrast and choosing another strong color: electric, green or burgundy. 
  2. Furniture. You can choose bright sofa, soft armchair, pouffe, bed and even kitchen set. The main rule is that there should be only one big accent in mustard color in the room.
  3. Decor and textiles. Mustard planters look great in any room. They create excellent contrast with green leaves, a harmonious combination of curtains and pillows with floor mats. If you need a small detail, you can buy simple-shaped candle, vase or practical accessories (organizers, photo frames). Decorative mustard elements in the room should create harmonious ensemble. 

Such an active color won’t leave your room unattended: residents will be happy to spend time there, and guests – admire the impeccable taste of the owners.

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