Mountain chalet style home design

Mountain chalet style home design

Many people are tired of megacities, trying to get closer to nature, so now a particularly relevant direction in architecture is eco-style.

The building traditions established over the centuries are complemented by modern technology. Design of the mountain chalet house retains the European medieval outlines in the countryside.

Standard characteristics of the style

Originally, chalet-style houses were sturdily built hunting lodges on an alpine hillside. It had to be made taking into account the irregularities and differences in elevation. The shepherds could only use materials that were nearby. The houses were warm and solid and would last for more than one generation. Buildings were simplified, windows were small, and there were no spacious verandas.

Modern chalet-style houses look more spectacular, but the features and traits have remained the same and can be seen from a great distance:

  • Roof. It is usually gable, with a large overhang, hollow. It perfectly covers the walls from adverse weather conditions. It is covered with roofing material made of wood slats (shingles) or modern metal or soft roofing.
  • The number of floors. Traditionally, these are two-floor houses with an attic.
  • Windows. These should be large panoramic ones since modern homeowners like enjoying the scenery.
  • Veranda (or terrace). They are necessarily built; they are often made glazed. 

House layout

In the past, chalet-style houses were built on the mountain slopes, and there was little space. It affected the internal layout. Modern architects, having studied the mountain chalet style’s essential features, use different design programs, such as free floor plan drawing software.

Projects of houses in the style of chalet have common features:

  • First floor, where the kitchen, living room, and office are located. On the second floor, there are usually bedrooms. 
  • There is no corridor. The door opens directly into the living area, although the owner can also make an entrance hall.
  • Unification. 2-3 zones: kitchen, dining room, and living room are combined for a sense of space. 
  • Interior. A fireplace, carpets or animal skins on the floor and walls, antlers, and tapestries. It is also possible to use handmade decorations: woven rugs and pottery.
  • Fireplace. It must be a real fireplace lined with rough gray stone. An electric fireplace will not do.

The modern house construction in the style of mountain chalets is not intended to compete with the ancient mansions but to make them cozy, comfortable, and durable.

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