Moroccan style in the interior

Moroccan style in the interior

There are oriental and western customs in the Moroccan culture, and it is reflected in the design of rooms. Moroccan style offers an exotic, refined, and luxurious atmosphere. Interior decoration is warm-shaded, mainly red, sandy, and golden. Numerous decorations are applied; they are placed throughout the apartment, and each piece borders an artwork. 

Let’s find out how to decorate an apartment in the Moroccan style. It is good to model a home design in 3d.

Characteristics of the Moroccan style

Interior design in the Moroccan style has its distinctive features:

  • Color scheme. The interior especially combines cool and warm shades. Brown, bronze, and sand colors contrast with blues, purples, reds, and greens.
  • Materials. Plaster, stone, and wood are used for finishing. The ceiling is plastered and covered with wooden panels. Arches are used instead of doors.
  • Lighting. It should be muted in every room except the kitchen. Original Moroccan-style ceramic lamps and sconces are used.
  • Furniture. There should be a lot of furniture. Soft poufs, small nightstands, and shelves with decorations are used everywhere. Frame furniture made of dark wood.
  • Decorations. Handmade items from Morocco are valued. It can be pottery, souvenirs, or crocheted napkins, which are placed on shelves, nightstands, and other surfaces. 
  • Floors. It is usually stone or brick floors in Morocco, saving people from the heat. For countries with other climates, replacing the flooring with laminate with imitation wood or wood flooring from different species is suitable. A carpet is usually laid on top of such a floor.
  • The interior design includes patterns, mosaics, and original drawings.

Rooms in Moroccan style

Each room, decorated in the Moroccan style, has its characteristics; it is possible to see them clearly, simulating a home design in 3d.


The Moroccan-style bedroom is the coziest room in the house. The room’s prominent and most striking accent is a large bed with a canopy. Complement the interior and create a romantic atmosphere with lamps on the wall, decorative pillows, and blankets with a pattern. A combination of sand and emerald shades represents the colors.

Living Room

In the living room, the main thing is a large sofa with lots of soft cushions. Nearby, there can also be a lot of poufs. The corner for relaxing and guests is very cozy. The living room is decorated in shades of beige and terracotta.


The finish is made of natural materials. Everything resembles closeness with nature. Bright and juicy colors are used, and the walls are decorated with small selves with accessories. The countertop is made of artificial stone.

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