Monochrome in the interior

Monochrome in the interior

Many people think that monochrome interiors are exclusively black or white. It is a misconception. Such projects can be done in different colors. The main thing is to use only one color and its shades. The use of 1-2 auxiliary (contrasting) colors is allowed. When creating a stylish, harmonious space, the room planner will help, as well as knowledge of some effective design techniques.

Advantages of monochrome interiors

You can use gray, beige, pastel, pink, blue, white, or olive to create a calm, comfortable space. Fans of bright colors will prefer red, blue, purple, or green. However, it is more challenging to work with them, so it is better to attract a professional designer to create a project.

With the help of a monochrome interior, you can:

  • create a comfortable space;
  • reduce visual noise;
  • eliminate defects in the geometry of the rooms.

Such decor can be called a model. And you can cope with it yourself if you study the basic rules and recommendations.

Rules for creating a monochrome space

Before starting the repair, carefully consider every detail, and assess the compatibility of the rooms' shades, textures, and geometry. What kind of space do you want to design? Much depends on the dominant color and personal preferences of the residents.

You should also consider such features:

  • only one color in combination with its shades can be dominant;
  • it is recommended to use a coloristic palette when choosing auxiliary colors;
  • there can be 1-2 contrasting colors, and you should choose them with particular attention;
  • the floor and walls are usually made lighter, while the furniture and decorations are darker;
  • it is essential to use the right textures: glossy and matte surfaces, metal, wood, glass, ceramics, and textiles;
  • one of the main aspects of creating a monochrome interior is the correct lighting, so do not be afraid to use a variety of lamps, chandeliers, and spotlighting.

It is not necessary to make everything monochrome. You can duplicate the dominant and auxiliary colors in geometric patterns, ornaments, and abstracts. Patterns can correct the space, emphasizing certain zones. In this way, you can make the decor more expressive and voluminous.

In modern monochrome interiors, vertical landscaping looks excellent. It can be flowers, trees, as well as glass, ceramic, plastic and metal vases of all kinds of shapes and shades. You can give free rein to your imagination and experiment a little.

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