Marine style in the interior of the apartment - fascinating blue and turquoise accents

Marine style in the interior of the apartment - fascinating blue and turquoise accents

Marine style in the apartment’s interior is popular because it evokes pleasant associations with recreation. It is possible to create the atmosphere of the sea in different ways: with various accessories of marine themes (anchors, oars, ropes, ships) or paints. 

The primary colors present in a marine interior are white, blue, turquoise, and sand. Usually, one room in an apartment is chosen to be decorated with a nautical theme, where one can relax and meditate endlessly.

Marine-inspired living room

A living room with a marine theme would be suitable for an apartment decorated in Mediterranean, Provence, or country style. It’s nice to sit with friends in a room that resembles a ship’s wardroom.

A cold range of colors is used for the living room, with white and blue as the primary colors. These colors look good in bright natural or artificial light. Furniture and finish are chosen only from natural wood.

The various decorations of marine themes: sofa cushions with prints of sea fish and seashells, and different small things brought from the vacations, will strengthen the impression. 

A large aquarium with fish can be a bright accent in the interior and allow guests to relax.

A marine-inspired bathroom

A stylish bathroom is accessible if using bathroom planners.

The decoration begins with the color scheme. Traditionally white, blue, green, and sand color and their shades are used. Color contrast and mixing of colors will create exciting effects. The surface of the walls and floors are lined with moisture-resistant materials of different textures. 

Plumbing fixtures can be standard, white, beige, or blue; mirror frames can be decorated with pebbles or seashells. The marine style can be emphasized by bright panels, curtains, or mats imitating pebbles.

A marine-inspired nursery

Children of all ages adore it. The theme can be different:

  • The ship-based. Elementary school-age boys and teenagers love it. The interior uses dark wood, blue, white, and red colors.
  • Coastal cottage. It is more suitable for girls. Light wood, neutral color scheme with blue and turquoise accents is used.
  • Beach. It is suitable for boys and girls under the age of 10 years. Beige and blue colors and natural materials are used.
  • A theme based on a favorite cartoon. It is also suitable for children up to 10 years old. It is enough to paint the walls and make decorations from a cartoon.

Each theme selected its own color scheme, furniture, and attributes. It is not difficult to add some imagination and see how everything will look in a particular program, such as bathroom planners

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