How to make your bathroom look bigger

How to make your bathroom look bigger

Let’s be honest…Not everyone of us has a huge space in their bathrooms to play with. But is it the reason to limit yourself in design techniques? Of course, not. There are some cool tips which can help you extend the space visually: starting with picking the right colors and finishing with floor decorating ideas. So, take notes and go to the bathroom floor planner to elevate its style a hundred times!

  1. Remove the pieces that stick out

Small rooms are not the places for heavy and massive furniture items. Keep that in mind when choosing shelves, mirrors or washbasins. The more elegant and simpler they look, the less they stick out from the wall – the spacier your room will look. 

  1. Sky is the example

The ceiling in your bathroom is what can both save its design and kill it. So, think what is the best example of limitlessness? The shades of the sky have the magic power to create an impression of never-ending space. Use light blue and white shades to reach this effect.

  1. Hidden furniture is your best friend

All the creams and soaps, towels and toothbrushes have to be stored somewhere. There is a reason why in smaller rooms designers tend to prefer built-in furniture type. Place your shelves in the walls and use under-basin curbstone for keeping your bathing stuff. It will save a lot of space.

  1. Lighten things up

It is no secret that correctly placed lighting has huge power over any room. In our case, it is best to make the ceiling look like it is floating by implementing led sconces around it. Together with the second trick from our list this one will bring unbelievable results.

  1. Toilet hanging on the wall 

Exactly, not the late Renaissance painting, but the toilet. The point is that when it is hanging on the wall, it looks much lighter and does not steal the space from your floor. Moreover, such toilets are usually smaller than the usual ones.

  1. Use big tiles

Sounds strange? However, big tiles do the trick. Also, it is the best coverage for bathrooms from a practical point of view. You can go as crazy as you want with this one – picking the patterns and colors of your choice. As soon as you remember that lighter shades always look airier.

  1. More glass

Using curtains in the shower is not only making it look smaller, but also is very old-fashioned. Nowadays most designers agree that a glass door is a much better choice. We assume it works similar to the mirrors – bringing additional space to the bathroom. Does it sound like something you would need?

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