The main mistakes in the interior design of the bedroom

The main mistakes in the interior design of the bedroom

At first glance, it seems easy to organize the space of the bedroom. But when it comes to the practical implementation of the ideas, there are mistakes that subsequently have a serious impact on the comfort of the owner of the apartment and on the image of the room.

In this case, it is better to take advantage of bedroom designer free advice on the proper arrangement of the sleeping room. In our material, we will focus on the main mistakes in the organization of space in the bedroom.

Too large chandelier

Experts consider it unnecessary to install a chandelier of large dimensions in a one-room apartment, which also serves as a bedroom. This object turns the room into a living room, but not a room for sleeping. It is best to buy floor lamps, wall lamps or table lamps, and fix a neat pendant lamp under the ceiling.

Mirror next to the bed

The owner's reflection in the mirror along the bed may seem comfortable at first, but then the constant presence of his double will cause anxiety, which will prevent him to plunge quietly into the arms of Morpheus. The mirror should be placed farther away from the bed so that the person won't be able to see his reflection in it.

Incorrect location of the bed

The bed takes a central place in any bedroom space, around which other items are usually arranged. But people often pay little attention to the sleeping space, preferring to focus on the closet, the design of curtains or wall decoration. It is recommended to place the bed far from the door to feel comfortable, and to avoid disturbing outside noises to betray to sleep.

Lack of proper storage system

Uncomplicated furniture design is suitable for a small bedroom, which may consist of sliding drawers and do not take up much space. This will allow you to properly organize the space of the bedroom. It is often the case that the purchased closet not only does not hold all the clothes, but also takes up a lot of space.

Cold flooring

Flooring in the bedroom can be beautiful, but the beauty is usually sacrificed for practicality and durability. In the bedroom, it is better not to mount the floor of tiles, cheap laminate or self-leveling poured compound. It is optimal to make the floor of natural wood, parquet flooring, or warm carpeting. This will add not only aesthetics, but also reliability.

Huge design over the headboard

Before organizing the storage of things in the bedroom, you need to properly arrange the furniture in the room to avoid discomfort. If you mount a closet for things above the bed, then the person will be anxious to fall asleep under the overhanging furniture. In any case, it is better not to touch the area above the headboard, and the closets should be placed on the sides of the bed.

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