Living room in classical style

Living room in classical style

Have you always dreamed of living in a beautiful, elegant place? Do you want to show your guests the fine taste, prosperity and wealth? Then, you should decorate your living room in the classical style! You will create a cozy, comfortable space that will make you happy every time you come home. Such an interior always has an aristocratic atmosphere, which inspires the spirit of noble mansions.

Selecting the color scheme

Noble color scheme is the most optimal choice for classical living rooms. It includes milky, cream, beige shades, with gold and silver as additional tones. No one will forbid you to use bright colors, but they must be minimal and they should not stand out from the overall picture.

The cream colors are the most popular. They are very gentle, calm, and ideally suited to the specified style. They are perfectly combined with white, which helps to create a festive atmosphere in the room.

Wine shades perfectly harmonize with the beige and gold palette. They are able to make the interior refined, give it brightness and expressiveness. To add liveliness, freshness to the room, it is recommended to use turquoise and blue accents.


If you want the living room to please you for more than a dozen years, you should make a quality finish. Today you can easily find finishing materials, which are in great variety. You should always give preference to those that are most appropriate for the style. You will need:

  • think about the design of the floor covering;
  • decide how you will decorate the walls;
  • answer the question of what kind of ceiling finish you would like to see;
  • choose doors and windows.

Another important task is to decorate the living room with furniture. Do not choose items at random, you should carefully think through every detail. It is better to buy high-quality, solid, long-lasting furniture, which should be made of durable and good materials. The ideal solution is to order the production of furniture. In this way, you will be sure that the furniture will glamorously fit into the interior.

To facilitate the planning process, it is worth using the living room floor planner. You will be able to choose the parameters of the floor, to optimally organize the space in this room - and all this is in online mode! It is very convenient and saving in terms of time and effort. It is easy to use the planner, and you can see how the living room will look in the end.

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