Laminate flooring in the interior of the apartment

Laminate flooring in the interior of the apartment

Repairing an apartment or house always involves a big change, not only in terms of design of the room, but also to create comfortable conditions in it. What is the best place to start the repair work? With the floor and the laying of the floor covering. 

The optimal option for many years is laminate. The range of this coating abounds in different shades of colors and textures, from authentic with an imitation of natural wood to white and dark with different patterns.

How to choose the color of the flooring?

If you choose the right shade of the floor, the room will sparkle with bright colors. Selecting laminate, it is better to do it not only intuitively, but also start from the following criteria:

  • lighting in the room;
  • room size;
  • stylistics;
  • passability.

Conventionally, the floor covering for floors is divided into dark and light. The first option is suitable for spacious rooms, which visually want to reduce. In the second case, the boundaries of the floor will visually expand and make the room appear larger. White and light laminate will create a sense of weightlessness and allow you to expand the room. However, light colors are impractical, accumulated dust will be most noticeable on the floor. If you're ready to keep your laminate floor clean all the time, a light-colored floor is perfect for you.

Dark laminate should be combined correctly, using no more than two tones. Among the disadvantages are that the coating slightly overshadows the design and hides the space. However, these points can be beaten correctly by the placement of furniture or decorative interior items.

To see how the colors, textures and furniture will be combined in the interior, use the application free floor plans software. It will help to find the right match, down to the smallest detail and decor.

Choice of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring can be:

  • moisture-resistant;
  • standard.

When choosing a flooring, focus on the wear resistance. This parameter depends primarily on the thickness of the laminate. For passable areas it is best to choose the 33 class coverage.

So, if you move into a new house, apartment, or redevelopment, keep in mind that the flooring is replaced ten times less often than wallpaper and new furniture. That's why you should pay special attention to color and style, moisture resistance and durability when buying flooring. If you want to step quietly on the floor, look for models with quality backing. Design your room with a special interior design program and see how the room will look like in the real world.

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