Kitchen in the style of a Parisian cafe

Kitchen in the style of a Parisian cafe

It’s hard to find a single person who wasn’t impressed by Paris after visiting it. Its cafes and restaurants saturate the inexpressible atmosphere of lightness and happiness. To recreate a piece of such paradise in your home, use our tips, and your kitchen in the style of a Parisian cafe will attract with its original design and unique aura.

Features of decorating a kitchen

This unique style has distinctive features that set it apart from others:

  1. Dim lighting. Low hanging plafonds and chandeliers, as well as floor lamps can create a romantic mood and intimate atmosphere.
  2. Awnings. Window awnings will harmonize with the interior and give it a special charm. Choose products made of fabric with vertical stripes.
  3. Low-slung chairs are a perfect combination of comfort, style and durability. Furniture of different colors will diversify the decor and create a flawless elegant image.
  4. Tiles on the floor should be small-sized and light-colored with dark borders. Black and white elements, laid out in staggered order, are also popular.
  5. Promotional posters on the walls will give your kitchen a cafe character. A large poster advertising vacation spots, champagne or French goods will be an eye-catcher, acting as the main decorating element.
  6. Home appliances should be made in an ornate, detailed style. It will add romance and playfulness to the kitchen design.
  7. Dishes in plain sight. In a French cafe style kitchen, utensils should always be on hand. Place plates on open shelves, and hang large utensils (pots, pans) hang on the ceiling or wall bracket.
  8. A chalkboard with a shopping list or messages for your housemates written on it is a great solution for a Parisian cafe style kitchen.
  9. Zoning. Work surfaces and the dining zone can be separated by color or textile solutions.
  10. Galvanized countertop of the kitchen table or worktop is a common detail of this style.
  11. Common colors are beige, lavender, coffee with milk, brown, white and light blue.

If you are close to such a design, boldly use your imagination so that your kitchen strikes with its originality and atmosphere. You can also use kitchen floor planner to experiment with bold and unusual solutions for your apartment. After all, the kitchen is where all the family gathers, and it should be as comfortable and cozy as possible.

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