Kitchen design without hinged cabinets: advantages and disadvantages

Kitchen design without hinged cabinets: advantages and disadvantages

To save space, it’s customary to install kitchen cabinets. Today it’s not necessary to follow this rule, because there are other ways to deal with space clutter. In cases where the wall cabinets don’t suit you, you can seek advice from an experienced designer. 

If you want to save money, refuse professional services, but make everything you can to ensure comfort and practicality of your kitchen. You can test your ideas with the help of a room planner. However, first you need to decide whether you should get rid of the cabinets.  

Refusal to wall cabinets: advantages

There are a lot of reasons to give up hanging cabinets in the kitchen. First of all, designers say that the upper layer in a confined space emphasizes the drawbacks. If you don’t use part of the kitchen set, it will visually expand the room. Other advantages include the following: 

  1. Availability of additional light sources. Oversized cabinets make any design heavy and absorb sunlight. If you refuse to use the top of the headset, you will add light to the kitchen area. 
  2. Practical interest. Housewives know how much time it takes to clean cabinets. To get rid of this hassle is possible due to rejection of the cabinets. Cleaning the kitchen will take less time, and the floor covering won’t be overloaded with additional weights.  
  3. Easily accessible headsets. The top shelves of cabinets are usually not used, since it’s quite difficult to get anything out of there. In this case, the usefulness of the headset decreases, and therefore the number of reasons for refusal increases. 

Practical owners can reduce the cost of the kitchen. You can see how your kitchen will change after making such a decision due to kitchen floor planner. Play the layout of any room and evaluate the rationality of your choice. 

Refusal to wall cabinets: disadvantages 

Usage of an additional part of the headset is due to the fact that you can store many household things there. The size of the cabinets usually allows hiding kitchen utensils and other things from the eyes of visitors. 

To store utensils and much more, drawers and cabinets are needed. There are no other good reasons to use hinged structures, so the decision to refuse additional expense items is made quite simply. 

Think about how you can use the free wall space and you won’t have to face other problems. Cleaning the kitchen will no longer take you much time!

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