Kawaii style in the interior

Kawaii style in the interior

Among the variety of design styles, Kawai stands out in a special way. If you are not familiar with this design, you should pay attention to its main features. This cute and charming style came to us from Japan, so as the decorations are the characters from Japanese cartoons. Fans of this style note that it is possible to become closer to the culture of the eastern country in this way.

Features of the direction

Despite the fact that Japanese cartoons are characterized by bright images, the style is understated. Here you will not find an abundance of bright decorative elements. Only muted shades of different colors (yellow, green, pink) are used to decorate rooms. They allow you to accentuate the main elements of the decor.

Pastel shades are also interesting. Soft blue, lemon yellow and "candy" colors are especially popular. The use of bright shades is allowed, but they are often not used as dominant. For contrast, white or black can be applied.

Shiny decorative elements are a priority. In this way, designers emphasize the ambiguity of the style and create a light atmosphere in the room. It is recommended to use glass and plastic with a shiny surface for decoration, which will create the right mood and help to recreate the expected lightness.

As for the choice of suitable furniture, it is worth focusing on models with rounded edges. The absence of clear lines corresponds to the style, so it is necessary to adhere to this rule. Minimalism is also characteristic of Kawai design, so an abundance of decorative elements is not desirable.

What is the planner for?

Creating a comfortable environment in the house takes a lot of time, and, given the occurrence of errors, can drag on for a long time. You can easily save yourself from such troubles if you use a virtual tool that allows you to design your home in 3D. To create a project, you need to:

  • recreate a plan of the apartment or house;
  • choose appropriate interior elements from the catalog;
  • correct any detected shortcomings.

Consultation with the designer will help you detect flaws and get rid of them without harming your budget. Making changes to the project will allow you to choose the best design option, taking into account personal requirements. To complete the arrangement of the house, it is worth using different furniture and decorating elements. The range of options is diverse, so the search does not take much time.

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