Japanese style bedroom interior

Japanese style bedroom interior

Bedroom is a place of relaxation and peace. And the Japanese bedroom conceals many secrets. It seems that it’s where the inexplicable mystery and charm of the oriental spiritual pair of yin and yang takes place.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to decorate a bedroom in Japanese style. The main features of Japanese culture are restraint and simplicity. And the interior assumes detachment from the outside world, beauty of materials, horizontal lines and strictly calibrated proportions. Nothing unnecessary is the main rule of the Japanese bedroom.

The style has such features:

  • ascetic design;
  • closeness to nature and art;
  • geometric lines;
  • monochrome colors;
  • impersonality of the bedroom.

The latter is inherent in many Japanese bedrooms. According to the interior, it’s impossible to tell who the owner of the room is – a man or a woman, so simple and laconic it is.

Colors and material textures

The Japanese prefer a natural color palette: beige, brown, white and grass. Shades of red such as pink and cherry, only accentuate the calm colors.

Especially relevant are beige colors, which are diluted with darker decorative objects – cushions, drapery, dividers, vases, figurines. They add dynamism and contrast.

Modern people may prefer a combination of white and black, which reflects the balance between masculine and feminine.

The Japanese bedroom involves the use of natural materials. The walls are finished with wallpaper, paint or bamboo sheets. The most recognizable element is batten. It’s used in the finishing of ceilings and walls. The ceiling is rectangular in shape and completed with beams or wooden cladding. The floor, as usual, is wooden. There may also be laminate or parquet.


The central element of the Japanese bedroom is a low bed, made in a minimalist style. Straight lines, lack of any decorations are characteristic features.

The furniture is functional and simple. As a rule, these are closets where all necessary things are hidden. Clothes, books, souvenirs are behind the facades of cabinets.

As for the decor, images of landscapes with cherry blossoms, cranes, and hieroglyphs are popular. Walls can also be decorated with a fan or kimono. Vases with bamboo branches or ikebans are a great accent to a simple and modest Japanese bedroom design. Use the bedroom planner to create an amazing Japanese style.

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