Japandi: a new style at the junction of east and north

Japandi: a new style at the junction of east and north

The respect for nature motivates home owners to use modern style. Despite the fact that Scandinavia and Asia are separated by thousands of kilometers, there is something that unites them: a love for functionality and arrangement.

Everyone can get interested in the new style, because now everybody knows how important it is to feel comfortable in the house. To forget about the discomfort, it is enough to study the description of the design more carefully. The good news does not end there: you have the opportunity to equip your home without fabulous costs.

How to choose the decor elements for the house

The style has gained the glory of a minimalist direction. However, this is not a reason to refuse to use decorative elements. Simple recommendations of professionals allow you to make a choice taking into account the peculiarities of the style:

  1. Lightness and airiness in the priority. The abundance of decor will not allow you to create a comfortable environment. For this reason, it is worth abandoning the use of unnecessary elements and giving preference to practicality.
  2. A neutral color palette. It is easier to relax after a hard day in a room where there are no bright and provocative colors. Designers prefer to use pastel shades that look restrained and elegant. 
  3. Wood is the best manufacturing material. Natural wood not only looks attractive, but it is also durable. Fans of the new trend have already noticed the effect of wood on the ambiance and recommend following this rule.

Soft lighting also allows you to create the right atmosphere. Use nice rugs for better relaxation. Balanced proportions and clean lines will also add their own touch of sophistication to the created interior.

Creating a design using software

It is worth paying attention to the floor plan software for free for one simple reason: this way it will be possible to take into account all the important details. The result of the work will allow you to assess the compatibility of the elements and make the necessary changes. You do not have to spend money or search for a designer.

Advice from experts will help to create a cozy design taking into account your wishes. To this end, it is recommended that you:

  • make a plan online, considering all the features;
  • choose suitable elements to your taste;
  • take care of freeing up space.

The finished plan can be used to communicate with designers and builders. Making changes will allow you to choose the option that best meets the requirements. Since there is no fee to use the software, you can carefully work out important details.

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