Invisible doors in the interior of the apartment

Invisible doors in the interior of the apartment

Invisible doors are a modern trend in interior design. The main feature is the use of concealed hinges and the masking of the door leaf under the walls. A barely noticeable contour and a handle reveal the design. This design solution allows you to:

  • diversify a familiar interior;
  • mask the entrance to a room;
  • emphasize the minimalist style;
  • visually expand the room.

However, installing the invisible door requires certain skills and should be carried out before the clean stage in the repair. We recommend using a 3d interior design program for planning. You can think through all the options in advance and choose the most correct one. Planning helps to save time because the work will proceed according to the plan and budget.

Types of constructions

Depending on the method of opening, hidden doors are of the following types:

  1. Swinging. It is a traditional design that opens outwards or inwards. Such a canvas gives out the presence of a handle.
  2. Sliding. In this case, the door leaf slides into a niche in the wall and can be completely invisible. It is an excellent option in rooms that do not have free space.
  3. Retractable. When opening, they run into the wall. Roller mechanisms to which the canvas is suspended are used in the installation.
  4. Rotating. The door leaf rotates around the axis. Such a design looks spectacular but has a high cost. The room under this type of opening should have enough space.
  5. Folding designs, when opening, are folded like an accordion or a book. It is an interesting and expensive design solution.

Various methods are used for masking. The simplest is painting the walls and doors in the same tone. You can replace the paint with wallpaper. It is not necessary to use monochrome. The drawing better hides the door leaf.

Mirrored and glass surfaces look exquisite and can fit into any interior. The same applies to clothes imitating stone. However, such doors require frequent maintenance of the surface. A creative and mysterious option is a shelf stack. PVC, wood, glass, and metal are used as a material for the canvas.


Invisible doors are an opportunity to show creativity and emphasize individuality. They will help to create an exclusive interior in your apartment. A properly selected design will help to save free space. Surprised and delighted compliments from guests are guaranteed.

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