Ideas for a minimalist bathroom

Ideas for a minimalist bathroom

Minimalism isn’t only a popular design style, it tops all fashionable lists of the interior nowadays. It’s also practical and cozy. Especially, as for the bathroom, where a good air circulation and easy cleaning are important. When you start renovating your bathroom, pay attention to simple minimalist solutions, offered in this article. You can choose every element of your future room so that it fits the overall concept on our website in the bathroom planner free

What is minimalism in the interior? 

Fashionable style was previously associated with white color and space of non-residential premises, but it has undergone changes and has become cozier, full of things and textures that convey individuality of house’s owner. Main features remain the same: 

  • functionality – items shouldn’t be exclusively decorative; 
  • simple lines – geometry and laconic forms are welcome; 
  • natural colors are preferred in minimalistic design. 

The main thing is well-thought layout. Every element is designed to accommodate all necessary things while leaving as much free space as possible. 

Interesting solutions for laconic bathroom

Don’t know how to start creating minimalist bathroom project? We have some tips for you to help realize your idea: 

  1. The easiest way to decrease visual noise is to use monochrome white or black and white interior. The fewer textiles and shades you use, the calmest and stricter the room will turn out. 
  2. The floor covering should be smooth and uniform, without patterns and small details. Give preference to ceramic tiles and natural stone. 
  3. Choose closed storage systems, built-in furniture and appliances. Hide pipes and wires in the walls. 
  4. Opt for glass and mirror surfaces for furniture fronts and smooth stone for countertops.
  5. Minimum of small decorative things. You can pick a neat basket and store trifles there. Buy opaque dispensers without décor and pour shampoo, shower gel and liquid soap into them. Opt for similar towels that suit the bathroom’s style.

Following these simple rules, you will get modern, stylish and comfortable room.

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