Huge windows in the interior of the house

Huge windows in the interior of the house

Interior decisions are made at the house's construction stage or at the apartment renovation's beginning. Therefore, it is better to discuss lighting, furniture arrangement, and decor with your family at once, rather than in the midst of repair work. We recommend not looking for a designer for your project for a long time but realizing the most daring fantasies about your arrangement. Special software for floor plans will help you visualize the space of your home. You can easily set accents and choose wall tones and furniture. Moreover, you can generate all this together and see how the room will look like when you select specific lighting and window openings. 

Designing window size and lighting 

It is essential to choose the location for window coverings right away. The size of the windows directly affects the degree of light in each room. Choose large windows with fewer partitions for shaded areas of the apartment. For the sunny side - vice versa. Open the Roomtodo app and create a room plan (a drawing, like on paper) to visualize how it will look in real life. At the same time, you can:

  • select the thickness of the walls and put it all together;
  • sloping the wall at a certain angle;
  • draw as many rooms as you want to have in the house.

After that, your project to 3D design is ready. The picture in the application has become three-dimensional, and you can place windows around the perimeter and "install" doors. The fantasy of the owner is not limited by anything here. The application presents many models of windows, doors, arches, columns, and other structural elements. It will help you plan exactly the room style, the number of floors in the house, and the space as a whole.

Modes and other features

The user has access to many modes of viewing the project, changing the size of windows, and assessing the style as a first-person walk around the room. It would be best to consider that the side of the light to which the windows of your room "look", changes the perception of natural color. So, the northern side dulls colors, adding blue shades to the light; the southern side adds yellow and discolors other colors; west - the orange colors appear, and the east - the green ones.

By the way, everyone will discover additional possibilities in the paid version. For example, you can easily add your paintings and photo collages on the walls or place an unusual carpet on the floor. As a result, you can create the room of your dreams with a unique and inimitable design.

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