How to transform a room without renovation and refresh a boring interior

How to transform a room without renovation and refresh a boring interior

It is possible to update the interior and change the tired picture in a budget-friendly way and without a global repair. Design tips will help make your apartment fashionable and modern with minimal cost. Designing renovations and complete repairs using free floor plan software would be best. Use the recommendations from the experts and breathe new life into your room.

Bright accent 

It is enough to add colors to make the room play differently. There's no need to paint the whole wall; just highlight the following:

  • one wall;
  • door;
  • furniture;
  • cushions.

You must remove old dressers or coffee tables and paint them a new color. The same can be done with old chairs. But if you pull up the seat with a new cloth, you can even create a new piece of furniture. This approach to old things is environmentally friendly. This way, you will save money, refresh your home, and help nature. 

Purchasing a couple of new sofa cushions will not hurt your wallet either. They may be of different shapes, sizes, and colors. They will help to diversify the interior and add zest.

More greenery

Plants liven up an interior; you can fit them into any style. Arranging flowers in different corners of the room or collecting them in one place is possible. The variety of plants allows you to choose the most unpretentious, and their care will not be a problem. Breathing in such a room will be easier because plants are natural humidifiers of air, making it cleaner.


Rearrangement of furniture also helps in the renovation. You can swap out the bed and table and zone the room using it. It can also be used to find obsolete items that only make the room a mess. It is better to throw away broken things you haven't used for a long time. It increases the free space, and you will sooner find a new, modern replacement in their place.

Decorating the walls

Temporary stickers on the walls are often used to decorate children's rooms. Stickers for living rooms and bedrooms are also implemented. It is a budget way to decorate the walls and create comfort. You can easily remove them without damaging the wallpaper or paint. Unusual hangers or key holders will perfectly complement the interior and help put things in order. Now things will not be stacked on a chair, and the keys will be in their place.

This way, you can create comfort and order in the apartment without spending much money, refreshing it with small details.

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