How to place mirrors in the apartment: the rules of feng shui

How to place mirrors in the apartment: the rules of feng shui

According to Feng Shui principles, the mirror has the ability to control the flow of qi energy. Ancient science says: our material well-being, health and career success depends on how we hang this household item on the wall. The main rule is that the glass must be intact. Get rid of broken and cracked glass. There are rules you must follow to bring good luck to life. Make adjustments to the interior, based on centuries-old experience of China inhabitants. To make your room look harmonious, before rearranging the furniture, create a visual project in interior design online 3d.

Basic laws of mirrors location

The art of Feng Shui teaches that every zone in the house is responsible for a certain sphere of human life. Every sector has its rules. Here are general recommendations on what mirrors should be and how to arrange them correctly: 

  • reflective surfaces shouldn’t be placed opposite windows and doors, otherwise valuable energy will leave your home; 
  • everything displayed will be multiplied. Make sure that trash cans, withering flowers and ugly objects are hidden; 
  • only new mirrors may be brought into the house, and old ones, even collectibles and art objects, cannot be kept in the living room; 
  • mirror must entirely reflect the person’s silhouette. 

The last rule is especially important. When buying a mirror, pay attention to its shape and size. Specialists advise to buy large rectangular one, up to the floor. Hang a small round mirror so that every family member could see his whole face. 

Nuances by zones

Choose framed mirrors without angles for bedroom. They shouldn’t be hung in front of the bed, because while sleeping, a person is vulnerable and the mirror may harm his health. For the same reason, ceiling mirrors are prohibited. It’s undesirable to have mirrors in the nursery, because babies are sensitive to any energy. 

In the kitchen, mirror is mounted above the stove and opposite the dining table. In the bathroom, hang it so that water splashes don’t fall on it – cleanliness is important for managing qi energy. Wipe mirrors regularly. 

In the hall, fix the mirror next to the door or directly on it. Try to see only beautiful, whole, inspiring objects in all reflections. This won’t only help bringing energy into the house, but will cheer you up.

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