How to enable WebGL in Chrome

To activate WebGL interface in Google Chrome, you will need to:

  • open Google Chrome settings: chrome://settings;
  • select the Advanced section;
  • in the System sub-item, activate the Use Hardware Acceleration option;
  • restart the app;
  • go to the section chrome://flags;
  • check if the Disable WebGL option is disabled.

New Google Chrome versions will only require to activate the option responsible for WebGL. To find the corresponding item, just enter the word WebGL in the search engine. In conclusion, you will need to go to chrome://gpu to check whether the interface is activated.

How to enable WebGL in Firefox

To run WebGL program, you will need to:

  • go to the Advanced section of the browser settings and activate the Use Hardware Acceleration option;
  • type “about:config” in the browser line;
  • accept the appeared warning;
  • type “force-enabled” in the search bar and tick “true”;
  • check whether the “disabled” parameter has the “false” value.

After that, you should restart Firefox.    

How to enable WebGL in Safari

To run the interface, you will need to:

  • go to the Settings section and select the Advanced option;
  • activate the Show Develop parameter.

You should also check whether the Enable WebGL option is activated.

How to enable WebGL in Opera

To launch the WebGL interface in this browser, you should type the following command in the search bar OPERA:CONFIG#ENABLE%20HARDWARE%20ACCELERATION, to activate the hardware acceleration. Next, to launch WebGL, you will need to type the phrase OPERA:CONFIG#ENABLE%20WEBGL in the search bar.

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