How to arrange furniture in the kitchen

How to arrange furniture in the kitchen

The arrangement of living rooms does not raise as many questions as how you can arrange the furniture in your kitchen. In this case, you need to take a lot of little things into account, and not just focus on your free space. To create a competent plan, you need to use the advice of experts and modern technology.

Useful tips for choosing furniture

The variety of kitchen suites causes a slight worry, since an unprepared person can get confused while studying offers. It seems even more difficult to draw up the perfect plan for your arrangement, because you need to consider some safety rules.

Preparation for choosing furniture starts with a discussion of the requirements. Experts recommend preparing a plan of key details on paper, but this is far from necessary. Today it is possible to arrange your furniture using a kitchen floor planner.

This modern tool allows you to display all the details of your room and make informed decisions. Using the planner is simple, it requires only a few simple steps:

  • create a virtual version of your kitchen, taking into account the free space, placement of windows and other important details;
  • decide on the list of items that should be present in your room;
  • choose suitable furniture options from the offered variety, and then put tables and chairs in their place.

As a result of using the virtual planner, there is no need to deal with rearrangements after finding inconsistencies. The ability to specify the size of your chosen suites is also provided, which greatly simplifies your task. If necessary, you can consult a specialist.

Kitchen planning: where to start

There are several popular options for arranging kitchens. Before you start choosing furniture, you need to analyze the size of your room and decide on a suitable arrangement. Designers insist that convenience is ensured by:

  • arrangement of furniture in one line;
  • use of U-shaped planning;
  • placement of furniture according to the island principle.

Use the triangle rule to get the right plan. According to the mentioned principle, the stove, sink and refrigerator should be located at a short distance. Since cooking takes a lot of time and effort, this way you can get less tired.

The virtual kitchen planner will allow you to take these recommendations into account and create a comfortable space for the owners and their guests.

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