How to arrange a children's room for a girl

How to arrange a children's room for a girl

Every girl dreams of her own princess-style room. How to arrange children’s room properly? How to organize space, set priorities and accents? In this article we’ll highlight main tips of girl’s room design.

Bright and cozy room for your girl is a guarantee of happy childhood. Here she can dream and develop her creativity. Room’s design will affect her outlook, form certain tastes, behavior model, interaction with outside world.  

Before embarking on a kid’s room design, discuss with your girl what style and color she would prefer. Perhaps, she likes cartoon or fairy tales characters, or vice versa, modern style with restrained colors.  

The room design planner will help you designing. This app is very cozy and allows you plan the room’s style down to the smallest detail. You can choose layout, furniture arrangement, wallpaper color and basic décor elements.

Style solutions

Choosing style is main for any renovation. Same style for whole flat would be great, but if it isn’t so, doesn’t matter. Your daughter should love her room. This is the main idea. Usually rooms for girls are decorated in following styles:

  1. Modern style suits best a teenage who has outgrown Barbie and fairy tales. Laconicism and restraint will create universal space where girl can develop creativity and hobby.  
  2. Classic style is for real ladies. In this case teddy bears get along with dolls in pink dresses and images of cartoon characters. Classic design will bring up aristocracy and sense of beauty in your girl. 
  3. Provence is for gentle, romantic natures. Pastel palette, floral patterns, light fabrics, antique furniture create cozy atmosphere in a girl’s room. It’ll resemble a French province with beautiful landscapes and lavender fields. 
  4. Pop-art is for bright and active girl. It would be a place for development of her fantasy and creativity. Rich, varied colors, images with comic or cartoon characters predominate in pop-art room.

Colors and textiles

Walls and furniture colors will influence girl’s mood and behavior. It’s better to avoid overly bright colors. Pastel shades are preferred for nursery. Light pink, beige, lavender, lilac, yellow and mint colors are popular, as well as white and even blue. 

As for materials, the main condition is safety. The floor should be smooth but not slippery. Walls can be painted or wallpaper pasted. 

Choice of furniture is a crucial stage in renovation. It depends on child’s age. The older a girl is, the more shelves and wardrobes she needs. Roomy lockers for toys and things are great decision.   It’s also necessary to leave free space for game. 

Whatever design of your daughter’s room, we hope it’ll be cozy and comfortable for little princess.

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