How to properly plan a kitchen in a private house or apartment

How to properly plan a kitchen in a private house or apartment

The kitchen is the most visited place in the house. The arrangement of this room should be approached responsibly. If we are talking about the kitchen in a private house, it is usually characterized by a good size, where you can organize a comfortable working area. In an apartment, this room is the place where the guests are most often gathered, and the family spends most of the time.

Before ordering a kitchen, you should choose the right layout of the set. At this stage you determine the size, location of furniture, placement of appliances, outlets and other communications. Rational kitchen layout will make even a small room in a typical apartment comfortable. 

Planning tips

Planning the kitchen should begin with the following steps:

  1. Take measurements of the room. For proper furniture planning, you will need to measure all walls, noting all niches, protrusions, and window sills. Measurements can be written down on a plan of the room (top view), made on paper or in specialized programs. It is worth noting the location of all pipes, vents on the scheme. Dimensions are written down in millimeters - in order to properly distribute space and not to make a mistake in the fabrication of the set, they must be as accurate as possible.
  2. Think about the need for additional repairs. First of all, you need to pay attention to the walls. So that there are no problems when installing kitchen furniture, they must be flat. If the room needs to be repaired, it should be completed before installing the set.
  3. Prepare a project. You can use kitchen planner programs or online constructors to draw up a proper kitchen plan. However, you must know the exact dimensions of the room and the approximate configuration of the furniture. It's convenient to experiment with the arrangement and shape of the set, to try different solutions, to choose the right one. The result is saved and used when ordering a set.

When choosing the arrangement of furniture, it is recommended to rely on the peculiarities of a concrete kitchen. You can also focus on the standard schemes of arrangement of sets, which are often used by designers of interiors. The kitchen floor planner is an easy way to cope with the task. This is a special service with many interesting functions, allowing you to create a drawing and 3D model.

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