How to design a stylish office in the English style

How to design a stylish office in the English style

The workspace must be comfortable. Productivity and performance depend on it. English style is used for private offices. It emphasizes the status of the owner. Elite style is synonymous with luxury.

Given the expensive interior items, it is essential to design a detailed final version at the initial stage. However, thanks to interior design in 3d, it is possible to create a model of the future office.

Features of the English style

What is the first thing that comes to mind? A massive table made of natural wood, soft wooden furniture upholstered in silk, an expensive parquet, and a large library. Every detail speaks of the importance of the owner, stability, and fundamentality, and, despite all the luxury, his restraint. Nevertheless, there are evident characteristics of the English style:

  • natural materials;
  • the harmonious combination of vintage and new things;
  • calm color scheme;
  • restraint.

Wood takes a fundamental place in this style. The color scheme is filled with all shades of wood and colors that emphasize their depth. These are necessarily natural, not screaming tones.

Green and brown colors are used to create a classic interior. Wooden panels and expensive fabrics are used to decorate the walls. Today, textured wallpaper can be used instead of fabric.

The English style uses gilded or bronze fittings. Such an office breathes the Victorian and Gregorian eras. The ceiling is also decorated with wooden beams, but if the height does not allow it, it can be left white but necessarily decorated with plinths with stucco. 

The floor is most often made in dark shades. Parquet flooring will create a classic version of the English office. It is also possible to use large light tiles to bring a touch of modernity.

This design is characterized by many details: a fireplace, paintings, books, floor lamps, vases, figurines, and much more. Much attention is paid to textiles. Carpets, plaids, and massive curtains help to create a particular atmosphere and mood. 


English style is solid and sophisticated, and it emphasizes the status and importance of its owner. Therefore, it is an excellent option for people who devote much time to work. In such an office, it is pleasant and comfortable to work, and one can also relax and think in front of the fireplace or read a book on a comfy sofa.

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